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Cookies, chips, ice cream, grilled cheese, burgers, just a few of my go to munchies. Honestly I love when the munchies kick in its a favourite moment of mine. I can feel body speaking to me from so many different directions, my stomach, my mouth, my brain and through some research of my own I actually discovered THC actually does make my body start talking to me telling me to eat from every which way!

When THC starts reacting with your body it actually releases a hormone called Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It essentially prepares the body to eat and even assists in the digestion process.

We have discovered that our brain’s endogenous cannabinoid system does far more than just induce us to eat; it also rewards us with a feeling of euphoria for doing so.


So the next time you get the munchies remember is just THC doing It’s job, so go ahead indulge!

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