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Small doses, big results. microdosing marijuana, who would have thought. Through research of my own I find as if i share similar feelings to most. We want the effects of this beautiful plant but we do not always want to feel “stoned”. The properties of this plant can do so much for a human body yes but also the mind, a big one is mood and mindset. Personally I find marijuana is a major mood booster for me, I tend to forget why I was upset about a situation and feel a general lift inside out. This is all super great but sometimes with smoking or splitting up edibles its easy to get carried away. I still want to be able to navigate my day without feeling impaired. Some may say to try cbd instead because it has no psychoactive properties but it has different effects, THC and CBD talk to the brain completely different.

A solution, Microdosing! With a recommended dose from 2-10 mg microdosing could be the answer to coasting through your day the way YOU want to! Keep in mind that every body and everybody is different start low go slow. Many experts recommend oils, tinctures or edibles to easily manage your intake.

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